Students debate national holiday for Super Bowl

With more than 108 million viewers, Sunday’s Super Bowl event was a celebration for many Americans. For some, the football game was an excuse to have fun with friends, eat too much food, and of course, drink plenty of alcohol.

Danielle Anderson, a student at Western Illinois University, says she’s seen people get carried away at those parties. But what if the next day was declared a holiday? Would that be beneficial to people all over the country?

Josh Moore, a member of 4 for 4’s fantasy football league, thinks that there are too many hung over American’s the following day. In fact, he started his own petition to declare the day after the super bowl as a national holiday.

The petition argues that the holiday will help “keep the streets safer for children” and that the day off would “help promote a productive work place” after the break. But students argue that there is no need for the holiday.

“A holiday in terms of a national hangover day…I feel like that’s not a good option,” says Nathan Whitham.

Student Steven Olson agrees. “We have enough small useless holidays as it is and we don’t need to really celebrate another hangover.”

Others feel that the holiday would be a great opportunity to rest.

“A lot of people stay up late to watch the game. The next day it would be nice to have a break,” says Danielle Anderson.

A break that sixteen thousand Americans signed to have one more day off. The petition needs 100,000 signatures in order to receive a response from the White House. The “We the People Petition” still has more than 80,000 signatures to go.

Adding a National Holiday for the Super Bowl?