Local high school cheerleaders compete in tournament

Cheerleaders invest hours, days, and even months, into perfecting a 2 minutes and 30 second routine. This was the case at Macomb Senior High School, where the Macomb High Cheerleading Team began an exciting journey.

“It was difficult in the summer, changing stuff around and figuring out what works best. So we didn’t really expect we would get this far. But it’s pretty exciting,” said Grace Eidson, Senior Bomber Cheerleader.

Their hard work paid off; the Bombers received a score of 76.83, with gave them third place at the Sectional tournament, and advanced them to the State Championship in Bloomington.

“I don’t know who got first and second, they were just screaming the whole time. They were so excited,” said Ketra Russel, Macomb High School Head Cheer Coach.

But the celebrating didn’t last long; the Bombers went right back to practice, working hard to perfect the routine that took them to State for the first time since 2007.

Coach Ketra Russel was focused more on tightening up their current routine; while the girls were a little more anxious to switch things up.

“You know, I think they want to change more, can we add X,Y, and Z. I’m like, OK. We need to manage our expectations, do what we can, and do it well,” said Russel.

Although the Bomber’s season ended last Friday in Bloomington, everyone is in high spirits thanks to their successful year.

“Oh, I couldn’t have been more proud of them. Everyone has stepped up, and it’s just been really good,” said Courtney Fowlson, Senior Bomber Cheerleader.

This team can definitely float like a butterfly, and sting like a bee.

With only two seniors graduating, the Bombers are looking forward to a strong team next season.