Larry A’s seeks liquor license

Larry A'sAt Monday night’s City Council meeting, a public hearing was held to consider giving Larry A’s Pizza at 1506 East Jackson Street a liquor license. No objections were heard and City Attorney Kristen Petrie briefed the council on what had already been done.

“There has been a background check, as well as all appropriate verifications have been done,” said Petrie. “This applicant is sufficient for liquor license.”

Last night was the first reading of the ordinance, but owner Larry Aurelio already has big plans in store.

“I’m looking to expand my restaurant as more of a full service restaurant,” said Aurelio. “Expand my menu, add some pasta and spaghetti, things like that. I’m going to put a few TVs in and not only just the alcohol part but I’m going to add more to my menu for the customers.”

Larry is looking to expand to more community members and students as well. He is hoping to have everything completed by early April.

“I’m very hopeful it will go through and we’re getting very excited about it,” said Larry. “It’s going to be a nice expansion for the store.”

A second reading and more discussion on the ordinance will be held at the April 1 City Council meeting.

Larry A’s is also seeking approval for Sunday Sales.

VIDEO: Larry A’s Seeks Liquor License