Red Cross launches new tornado safety app

Tornado appThe Red Cross has now put a tornado alert in the palm of your hands.

“It’s a very, very practical application to people in central Illinois since we are prone to tornadoes.”

The app launch was a kick off to National Severe Weather Preparedness Week, and contains information that can help save lives.

“All the information that you would need to be able to find out how you need to prepare yourself and your family for a tornado would be here,” says Erin Miller, Regional Communications Director. “How would you prepare for a disaster, what would you do where would you go during a tornado.”

This app is free and ready to download on any smart phone or tablet. It’s easy to use and features tools to help you during the tornado- including an alarm to notify you when a warning is issued in your area. It also has the ‘I’m Safe,’ button.

“You could just click that button and you would instantly be able to update all of your social media outlets, letting your family and friends know you’re OK,” says Miller.

Tools useful with Illinois’ wild weather.
VIDEO: Red Cross Launches New Tornado Safety App