Candidate seeks legal recourse after city finds no clear winner

Wailand letterIt’s been more than one week since aldermanic candidate for Ward 2 Steve Wailand approached Macomb City Council about not being declared the winner, after beating his opponent, incumbent Kay Hill, 17-16 in a February election.

Wailand is now seeking legal recourse. Although Wailand was previously concerned about not being able to afford an attorney, he has found a law firm that will work pro bono on his case.

Diane Cohen of the Liberty Justice Center has sent a letter to the city’s attorney asking for the city to “enforce the election code by declaring Mr. Wailand elected as second ward alderman” and to “cancel the supplemental election for the second ward aldermanic seat,” says Inman.

The letter asked the city to respond by this Friday, March 22, 2013. At Monday night’s Commitee of the Whole meeting, Mayor Mike Inman gave little response to Wailand’s remarks last week.

“We do not want to do anything that would impede discussions that are occurring between Mr. Wailand’s legal representatives, the city and the county, and we will wait the outcome of those discussions.”

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Read the letter to the city here.