Cost of hoax 911 call adds up; Updated numbers released

Murray 3The cost of a hoax 911 call is adding up. Law enforcement officials say they have tallied the numbers after several law enforcement agencies responded to a home on Murray Street nearly three weeks ago, believing there might be a hostage situation inside.

The Illinois State Police, WIU’s Office of Public Safety, and Macomb Police Department have all filed claims to the State Attorney’s office.

According to officials, the Macomb Police Department spent $2,406.55 on its response to the hoax 911 call. Illinois State Police say the call cost them $7,868.41. The Office of Public Safety at Western Illinois University spent $1,384.56 and the McDonough County Sheriff’s Office reported $1,032.39 in expenses.

All law enforcement agencies combined puts the cost of this 911 call to $12,691.91 in paid overtime and other expenses.

Alvin Montgomery, 25, is charged with a Class 4 Felony in connection to making the false 911 call. Montgomery is also facing a charge of obstruction of justice, which is a Class A Misdemeanor.