Prestige Communications on the move

Prestige CommPrestige Communications may soon be moving to the west side of town. At Monday’s Committee of the Whole meeting, discussion was raised about allowing a 50-foot radio tower to be built at the new location.

“That particular area, other than north of there, it’s very commercial,” said Ed Basch, Community Development Coordinator.

The Planning Commission unanimously approved the request and after no complaints by neighbors were heard, the city council will now vote to approve the request for 1034 West Jackson Street.

“It really is a much better location for the set-up and I think it will probably work oy=ut very well,” said Dave Dorsett, 5th Ward Alderman.

Paperwork and plans are already underway and the location has been inspected for any interferences.

“We have a study that has already been commissioned with one of the regional engineers who does the band spectrum studies the Federal Communications Commission,” said Bob Singer, Prestige Engineer.

The new tower will allow better signal spread and will be able to reach rural towers easier. It will also put out fewer watts, lowering emissions.

“We are going to get a new piece of equipment, high-tech. Which is an upper-band 5.8 gigahertz transmitter, multi-channel, spread spectrum digital,” said Singer.

More discussion on the request is scheduled for next Monday’s city council meeting.

VIDEO: Prestige Communications Could Soon Be Moving