Macomb offers pickup of flood damaged items

Macomb floodLast week, Macomb received unprecedented rainfall causing nearly 100 or more homes to be damaged by the flood. Last night, the city council agreed on a deal with Waste Management to pickup these items with no limit to the amount.

“All that we would ask is that the storm material and the conventional material, be presented, be contained in a bag or a can of less than 33 gallons or less than 50 pounds in weight,” said Dave Schabe, Waste Management Municipal Marketing Manager. “The big culprit here will be carpeting and carpet padding. As the contract already calls for, we’d like to see that cut in 2 foot rolls and rolls that are no longer than an approximated weight of 50 pounds.”

Items that can not be cut down, such as furniture and bedding will also be picked up.

“That would all be included. If you can get it to the curb, the bulky items don’t have to be knocked down to a container size or bagged, we understand that. As long as it can be handled by one person safely and they know how to handle bedding and bulky items, that’s fine, we’ll accept that as well,” said Schabe.

Pickup began yesterday and will continue for two weeks, regardless of the normal spring cleanup scheduled to begin May 13th.

“This is no time to ask people to hold on to this rain damaged material for two and a half weeks,” he said. “Expediency really counts here because this could be considered a public health hazard, in terms of just a health hazard for your household if this is allowed to sit around.”

Residents are also reminded that under Illinois state law, electronics are not eligible for pickup.

VIDEO: Macomb offers pickup of flood damaged items