“Hardcore Pawn” star visits Macomb

HARDCORE PAWNHundreds of people from all over the country came to see Hardcore Pawn TV star Seth Gold.

“We’ve had them from the local to the areas of Galesburg and Canton and Quincy and you know the farthest one away, that I personally know of, we had someone drive in from Kansas City,” says Pawn Plus owner Bob McCullough.

The community came in to see Seth in support of Macomb High Schools Senior class “Project Graduation”.

“The night of graduation we’re going to go to Scotty’s Fun Spot, and we’re going to hang out there,” says MHS senior Trebor Mann.

The seniors worked together with Pawn Plus owner Bob McCullough to have Seth help with their project. Bob said that Gold quickly agreed to come into his shop.

“I’ve known Seth for a long time. He’s a pawnbroker first so we knew that. So when it came time to do this, I just basically sent him a quick e-mail about it. He gave me a call, and we set the stuff up,” says McCullough.

Fans were happy that Bob did set up Gold’s visit. And some could not believe how different Seth looked in person.

“He’s a lot shorter than I thought he was. I thought he was 6 foot something ,and he looks about 5’9″. But he’s a really nice guy, he’s a lot different than he is on the show, ” says Taylor Brown.

And Gold was more than happy to meet his fans.

“Having the opportunity to go out and meet the fans and you know it’s been a really awesome reception and a very friendly atmosphere,” says Seth Gold.

A friendly atmosphere that Macomb Seniors are very pleased to see.

“It’s really good to see everyone come out, and a lot of people are donating just to project graduation,” says Senior Matt Surprenant.

“I appreciate everybody coming out supporting the local store, supporting the local school, and supporting our show so there’s nothing more that I could ask for,” says Gold.

VIDEO: Hardcore Pawn Star Visits Macomb