WIU’s Counseling Center offers help for stressed students

Sherman Hall in FallWith finals right around the corner, students need to remember not to overwork themselves.

“Well there a lot of factors that contribute to a student’s stress level, and again when you’re using the term depression, you could be talking about their stress. So this time of the year, finals week students having to go home, maybe trying to arrange new living situations for the following year, trying to find employment,” says Jim DiTulio, Director of University Counseling Center.

College can be very stressful. That’s why it’s important for Western Illinois students to know that there’s always a place they can go when they’re feeling stressed out.

“University Counseling Center are here for students. We only serve students. Our services are free, they’re confidential, so there’s no fees involved.” says DiTulio. “A student who wants to speak with one of our staff members, all they need to do is call 298-2453. Call the Counseling Center say I’d like to speak with a counselor and a student will be scheduled with the first available appointment. What they can expect is they will come here. We will ask them to provide some information a computer station. They give us some background information, they are told about the limits of confidentiality, and so they provide that to us and then we will assist students and try to help them with a variety of approaches.”
VIDEO: WIU’s Counseling Center Offers Help for Stressed Students