Monthly Archives: February 2015

Former US Ambassador to Yemen Discusses Terrorism in Today’s Times

Former US Ambassador to Yemen Edmund Hull, and author of the book “High Value Target: Countering al Qaeda in Yemen”, sits down with NEWS3 to discuss the current trends in…

US Congressman Aaron Schock Responds to Ethics Questions, and One State Senator proposes changes to IL MAP Grants

US Rep. Aaron Schock explains his expensive travel bills, and an IL State Senator proposes restructuring the state’s MAP Grant program. by Mario Calero MACOMB, IL: Governor Bruce Rauner’s $31.5…

Performing Arts Society Wine Tasting set for Valentine’s Day

Jill Beck visits the Good Morning Macomb set to discuss a local fundraiser, hosted by the Performing Arts Society, on Saturday.

How Local Schools Determine Snow Days

The decision to cancel school often inconveniences parents and children.

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