Macomb discussing possible water rate, waste fee hike

MACOMB, Ill. (NEWS3) — Residents in Macomb could soon pay more for their water and trash bills.

The measure to increase the fees was up for discussion Monday during the Macomb City Council meeting.

If approved, the debt service charge for water would go up $3 from $5.75 to $8 per meter. It would also add .25 cents to the water rate from $4.79 to $5.04 per 100 cubic feet.

The move could also make solid waste collection fees cost a $1.26 more from $19.26 to $20.26.

Macomb City Administrator Scott Coker said it’s been four to five years since the last increase for the debt service charge for water.

“This is to help with aging infrastructure and keep our systems, like at the water plant, up-to-date,” Coker said.

The ordinance will be brought up again for more discussion at next Monday’s Macomb Committee of the Whole meeting.

Other news from this past Monday’s meeting, was the approval to allow Mayor Mike Inman to make decisions for the city in response to the COVID-19 crisis through July 1. The mayor said, “The next two weeks are critically impact. What we do now, will impact our success in the next two weeks,” Inman said. ¬†Alderwoman Gayle Carper was appointed as an additional mayor-pro-tempore to fill in for the mayor and Alderman Dennis Moon will also continue his role as a mayor-pro-tem, in case one of them are unable to step into their roles.

The latest 2020 census information from Community Development Coordinator John Bannon is that Macomb has had a 42.4 percent self-response to the census. He said the state overall is showing a 49.8 percent in self-response. He encourages residents to take a few minutes to fill out nine questions either by going to or by calling 844-330-2020. He said all of the university communities are slightly down around the state due to the pandemic.

If you would like to tune in to the Macomb council meetings under the stay-at-home order, the next one will be streamed Monday at 5:15 p.m. on their YouTube page.