Macomb schools offer ways for families to stay connected

Courtesy: Macomb 185 School District

MACOMB, IL (NEWS3) — With the closure of Macomb schools extended through April 30 due to COVID-19, the school district is exploring ways students and families can still connect with them online.

Superintendent Patrick Twomey said while the district continues to make progress with its online instructional delivery for students, they want to ensure families have sufficient internet access to reach them. Twomey said they’ve received reports of families still struggling to connect with the schools, so the district is recommending several ways to help.

Twomey said on the district’s Facebook page, one way to gain access is through a mobile hotspot using cellular providers. For Verizon customers, this can be found in the settings of a smart phone and be used to connect electronic devices to the internet. U.S. Cellular customers with an “Unlimited Everyday” or “Even Better” plan, have an extra 15GB of hotspot data to adjust to any  work arrangements.

Additionally, Macomb CUSD 185 school buildings and several locations around the City of Macomb offer free Wi-Fi. While the buildings of the places below may be closed during the COVID-19 outbreak, people can still access the internet from their parking lots. The free Wi-Fi locations are:

  • Ball Fore – 9575 US Highway 136
  • Chandler Park – E Carroll St
  • Downing Ball Park – Prairie Ave.
  • Georgetown HOA – 95 Charleston Dr.
  • Glenwood Swimming Pool – 1400 N Randolph St.
  • International Sandwich Shop – 711 W Adams
  • Patton Ball Diamonds – Grant St.
  • Prairieview Apartments – 405 N Prairie Ave
  • Spring Lake – 595 N 1500th Rd.

Twomey also said the district has not addressed the school calendar and events for after April 30. The district will follow its normal school calendar during while the stay-at-home order is in effect.