City of Monmouth furloughs employees due to pandemic

Courtesy: Ken Helms, Communications Director for the City of Monmouth

MONMOUTH, Ill. (NEWS3) — A local city is furloughing more than a handful of its workers due to the impact from the coronavirus.

The City of Monmouth announced Thursday seven full-time and three part-time employees will be furloughed across multiple departments.

“These furloughs were a direct result of anticipated budget shortfalls due to the COVID-19 pandemic and Governor Pritzker’s Shelter In Place Executive Order which closed numerous commercial businesses across the state,” officials said in a press release.

Following the announcement of furloughs, the city expects to face a $1 million budget shortfall.

“The Governor’s Shelter-In-Place Executive Order severely impacts all of these tax revenues and it is unknown how long the recovery period will be for businesses that are currently affected,” officials said.

Positions being furloughed include two full time police officers, two full-time dispatch telecommunicators, one public safety officer, two probationary firefighters and three part-time dispatchers.

“The city maintains a balanced budget annually, and with a projected revenue shortfall of this
magnitude, there is no way to compensate for the loss as tax revenues generated in a single
year and the budget rarely carries a surplus into the next fiscal year,” officials said.

Officials said furloughed workers will maintain an employment status but with zero pay. Furloughed employees are expected to be called back to work when the city’s fiscally stable. The city’s administration does not anticipate the situation turning into lay-offs.

The city said all operations that are not critical services are temporarily suspended.