Local nonprofit offering financial help for immigrant students

By CAYSON FRERICHS, News Reporters

MACOMB, Illinois (NEWS 3) — The Western Illinois Dreamers, a local nonprofit group, is offering financial assistance to immigrant students who have faced hardships due to the pandemic.

Immigrant students can get financial assistance for their rent, utilities, phone, Internet and mortgage payment, if it applies to them. 

Professor Julia Albarracin, who helps run the Western Illinois Dreamers, said the nonprofit has certain guidelines about who is eligible to receive assistance.

“This opportunity applies to either international students or students who were not born in this country, but are considered for school purposes as American students,” Albarracin said.

In order to qualify for assistance, students must have either lost their job, have had increased medical costs or had increased child care costs due to COVID-19. 

Students will also need to show proof of residency in order to receive any assistance.

“They have to provide a rental agreement or a lease they have with their landlord and copies of the bills they want us to pay for,” Albarracin said. 

Immigrant students will be able to receive anywhere from $500 to $1,000, depending on each person’s situation.

Students who would like to learn if they qualify for assistance can call 309-255-5027 to begin the application process.