ELECTION 2020 | Hammond faces Stoll in Illinois’ 93rd District House race

By DEVIN BROOKS, News Reporter

MACOMB, Illinois (NEWS 3) — The race for Illinois’ 93rd District State Representative is one of the seats on the ballot for election day.

Incumbent Republican Norine Hammond is making the push to keep her seat in office against Democrat Scott Stoll.

Stoll is originally from Durand, Ill. but has lived in Rushville for more than 10 years with his wife and three daughters. He currently is the Second Ward Alderman on the Rushville City Council. Stoll is the founder of the Rushville Chamber of Commerce. He serves on the Chamber’s board. He also is also part of the Rushville Coordinating Council Board and Brown/Schuyler County CEO Board of Directors.

Hammond was initially appointed to fill the 93rd District House seat in 2010, after incumbent Rep. Rich Myers died while in office. Hammond holds positions on many committees that focus on education and agriculture and also serves as the Illinois higher education committee’s minority chair.

Both contenders for the legislative seat said they have made efforts to keep people safe the past nine months of COVID-19.

“Our campaign has donated PPE to WIU, local students and some of the local groups,” Stoll said.

“I was able to get the KN95 mask in the very beginning to a number of our healthcare and hospitals,” Hammond said.

Stoll feels it’s time for change in the 93rd District, but Hammond said experience matters.

“I think I provide a fresh face with new ideas, a different approach from where we’ve been at the past 10 years or so,” Stoll said.

“We need someone who is experienced, who doesn’t mind a challenge that’s for sure, and has integrity,” Hammond said.

Hammond questions her challenger’s integrity surrounding claims of campaign contributions from House Speaker Mike Madigan.

Stoll said he has no part in it.

“I have no allegiance to Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan,” Hammond said. “I haven’t received money from him.”

“I don’t know him,” Stoll said. “I don’t know Mike Madigan. I didn’t vote for Mike Madigan to be the chairperson of the Democratic majority.”

Both candidates said funding education is a top priority.

“If we can fund our schools and level set our property taxes, that’s boosting our economy,” Stoll said.

“What can we do to continue to attract our students here?” Hammond said.

Both candidates have maintained a focus on healthcare throughout the campaign.

“I see people everyday that have to choose whether they’re going to buy bread and milk for their family or buy a life-sustaining medication,” Stoll said.

“Addressing the issues as they relate to long-term care and eligibility requirements for long-term care,” Hammond said. 

Election day is Nov. 3. The 93rd District includes all or parts of Knox, Fulton, Warren, McDonough, Schuyler, Cass, Brown and Mason counties.