ELECTION 2020 | Students react to Kamala Harris as United State’s first female Vice President-elect


MACOMB, Illinois (NEWS3) — Kamala Harris became the United States’ first female Vice President-elect on Saturday, Nov. 7, and is inspiring women across the country. 

Some Western Illinois University female students believe Harris has paved the way for the next generation of women. WIU Law Enforcement and Justice Administration (LEJA) major Elena Ruvalcaba said Harris’s story is inspiring. 

“Just knowing that a female got her way up through all those obstacles is just very inspiring,” Ruvalcaba said. 

WIU LEJA major Johana Fernandez said Harris has opened a door for women everywhere.

“We are seeing more women with higher roles in office, so it definitely creates that window and door for other young ladies and women everywhere, that if she can do it, then I can do it as well,” Fernandez said. “We are not living in the past anymore, and times are changing.”  

WIU Social Work major Sarah Cleveland said it is nice to know that a female is in power. 

“It is nice to know that a female is in power so that we have a voice out there,” Cleveland said. “It’s not like everything is against us.”

WIUSocial Work major Krystal Thomas said Kamala Harris gives women hope. 

“Knowing that she did this, through everything that we have going on with the former president, and everybody’s negative words, she still made it through, so if she can do it, then I believe we can do it,” Thomas said. “As a black female, it is very inspiring to know that I actually have a chance in life.”