WIU students have options to finish the semester


MACOMB, Illinois (NEWS3) — Western Illinois University students have to make a decision on how they’re going to spend the remainder of the fall semester. 

Students have the option of not returning to campus after the fall break, Nov. 23-27, or returning to campus for the remainder of the semester. 

If the student decides to not come back on campus after the week-long break, they will receive a refund from the housing and dining services of two-weeks worth of housing. Their meal plan money will automatically roll over to the spring semester. 

“The refund is estimated by the rate the student pays,” WIU Director of Residence Michelle Oaks said. “It all depends on the type of room they are living in and the student’s status if they’re a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior.”

Those who decide to come back and live in the residence halls for the remainder of the semester will have no additional cost and will be able to use their meal plan accordingly. 

Students have to make their final decision by Nov. 13. If the students don’t reply by the due date, they will be forfeiting their refund. They are still able to decide what they’re doing for the remainder of the semester.

WIU students can make their decision by logging into their STARS account. They must select the housing section and click “early semester check-out.”

“We are just asking them to follow safety measures and be respectful of social distancing and facial coverings as they travel about,” Oaks said.

For any questions, contact University Housing & Dining Services by calling 309-298-3000 or emailing UHDS@wiu.edu, Housing@wiu.edu or visit WIU’s Covid-19 guidance on traveling at wiu.edu/policies/covid.